The Rules

I first handwrote this list on my phone using the Evernote app – it’s become one of those little notes that I refer back to every time I’m doubting myself. It might seem sartorial-specific, but I like to think the Rules have had a bigger impact on me than simply what I’m wearing. This is my list of rules for being comfortable and happy in my own skin, and I’d certainly encourage you to write your own Rules too. I find it works best if they’re handwritten.

  1. No tight trousers (except leggings/jeggings).
  2. No high heels. Not even nice ones. Not until your wedding and maybe not even then. #comfyshoepledge
  3. Form-fitting is ideal. You are athletic and always will be.
  4. However! Tunics are POWERFUL. Comfort is key.
  5. Black is the baseline, sequins and metallics are always welcome, be wary of reds, pinks and purples. Avoid purples.
  6. GREY.
  7. Not just comfy shoes, ones you can run in.
  8. ‘Menswear’ is a stupid label. Those clothes always have good pockets, so wear them.
  9. All dresses could and should have pockets and the fact they don’t is a travesty.
  10. Only bags worth having are ones which carry 1 litre of water.